Geography and Weather

The region’s biggest extension can be found in the northern plains of our country, to the south and the west.

The Sarapiquí Canton presents a montunoes topography, including the skirts of the Volcanic Central Mountain Range. From the lowlands to the highlands the terrain presents great terraces which are very fertile.
Geologically it’s constituted mainly by materials from the tertiary and quaternary periods, being volcanic rocks predominant in the region.  It presents 2 geomorphic units denominated alluvial sedimentation and volcanic origin.
The river system of the region corresponds to the northern sub-slope of the Caribbean Slope, from which the Sarapiquí River, Chirripo and Cureña are part of.
The predominant vegetation consists of pastures, forests, reforestation areas, scrubland, annual and perennial crops among which are the banana, coffee, fruits, and recently pineapple. Countless species of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects exist within the region.

Central Volcanic Mountain Range.



Max Altitude

3.432 m







Sarapiquí is found on the Torrid Zone, therefore, it has a tropical climate, with dry and wet season. Wet season runs from May to January or February and the Dry season is from March to May, with some sporadic precipitations originated from North’s Cold Fronts. On the mountains the heights are beyond the 187m above sea-level and the weather is cool accompanied by a soft nice breeze that keeps everything fresh. In the middle height areas, around the 68m above sea-level, the temperature raises and continues to do so down to the lower areas, the Atlantic Plains, with a height approximately of 37m above sea-level.
On average the temperature is between 26 º and 28 º Celsius, the relative humidity is around 80%-90% and sun radiation is about 3 to 5 hours daily, a really hot and humid place that can be trailed through an enormous amount of natural tracks within its countless protected zones, its primary forests, its swamps; which are crucial to the conservation of fauna and flora

Time Zone

GMT - 6:00, no se realiza cambio de horario con el cambio de estaciones. El día inicia alrededor de las 5:30am y concluye cerca de las 6:30pm.

Climate average State



Relative Humidity

80% - 90%

Solar Radiation