At the heart of Costa Rica and surrounded by the wonderful tropical rain forest of northern Costa Rica...
Aguas Bravas offers you all the adrenaline of an incredible rafting tour in river rapids located in the middle of the rain forest jungles
The OET (Tropical Studies Organization) is a non-profit conglomerate of more than 50 universities, high schools, and research institutes from all around the world.
Selva Verde is a real getaway for nature lovers, hikers, bird watchers, scientists and students; and for those seeking adventure...
Located among forests and rivers of northern Costa Rica, Tirimbina is an educational, research and ecotouristic destination.
Our personnel is committed with providing our clients the best experience starting with the first contact.
Hacienda Pozo Azul is owned and operated by the Quintana’s, a Costa Rican family of entrepreneurs and nature lovers.