About us

The Cámara de Turismo de Sarapiquí (Sarapiquí Tourism Chamber) was founded in 1994, with the main purpose of promoting tourism in the region, through local and international divulgation of scenic beauties, innovative products and the conservation efforts scientific investigation and environmental education drone by its associates which are a hallmark of the region.


  • To position the Sarapiquí brand in the national and international scope. To offer our affiliates opportunities for the betterment of their businesses through regional representation.
  • To offer our affiliates opportunities for the betterment of their businesses through regional representation.
  • To continue to improve life conditions in the region.

Projects and achievements


We have wanted hard to increase affiliations with two basic intentions:

Improve representativeness of the sector involving regions that have been historically connected.
Boost the economic capability of the organization through a greater availability of economic resources.

Marketing and Promotion

  • We participated in EXPOTUR as an organization with preserve for all associates. We participated in the 1is Central America Travel Markey, in Guatemala.
  • Making of promotional materials of the region and our associates.
  • Creation of a radio campaign addressed to middle-upper class of the Central Valley, with the intention of advertising the region as a touristic destination. The ICT and the Sarapiquí Municipality were involved in the project
  • Creation of a press conference to publicize the region through televised and printed media.
  • Creation of two tours for journalists to publicize the region with help from ICT.
  • Publication of a page in the national newspaper La Nacion with offers of the region.
  • We have a website and through which general inquires of the region are handled.

Institutional Relations

  • Active participation, as members of the Board of Directors in CANATUR (National Chamber of Tourism) and the National Committee of Regional Chambers.
  • Consolidation of relationships while ICT, which has helped Sarapiquí become an example in Ecotourism, which in turn has allowed visits from the tourism ministers of Ecuador and Colombia and Journalists from around the world.
  • Establishment of an alliance with the Monteverde Chamber of Tourism, Northern Zone, inside the Special Economic Zone Frame, for the improvement of road infrastructure and the establishment of a touristic corridor in the North Region.
  • We have established a relationship with Rainforest Alliance looking to position Sarapiquí as a destination where the best practices are truly implemented. This relationship has already produced publication in the national media.
  • Active participation with a Tourism Development Plan for the Northern Plains region, which were reflected separately the needs of Sarapiqui the Sub-Unity.


  • A communication system has been established that has allowed divulgation of pertinent information and training opportunities.
  • We have begun the development of a data base on the touristic activity in the region.
  • Promotion for the attraction of investment and the betterment of the region's option.

General Information



Full name

Sustainable Tourism Chamber of Sarapiqui


Sustainability and Tourism

A brief history of the Chamber

It was in 1994 that the idea to create an organization which allowed an improvement both in promotion of our territory and its relationship with the rest of the country.
CATUSA was founded of September the 13th 1994, thanks to the initiative of a local business group, among them Mr. William Rojas, Mr. Leonardo Jenkins, Mr. Manuel Castillo, Mrs. Mariamalia Sotela Borrasé, with the aim of advertising the touristic attractions of the region
In these 12 years of service we have achieved important things, we can mention:

  • We organized the first National Forum of Eco Tourism with help from ICT.
  • We are part of the Professional formation center of Sarapiquí and we are members of the INA-Comunidad Committee.
  • We worked in the construction of a new dock, which approval was made in the year 2006 and work will soon begin.
  • We participated in Torneo la Raza in different disciplines such as: Biking and rafting among others.
  • We signed agreements with FUNDECOR and WWF to use certified wood as part of our conservation commitment.
  • Integral promotion in brochures and region map.
  • We are part of the constant fight against child sexual exploitation.
  • Active participation in the first and second event of Sarapiqui Adventure Race.
  • Promotion through the site: www.sarapiquicostarica.com


Advertise the touristic potential of the Sarapiquí region, in order to contribute to the betterment of social and economic life conditions, of the people and the conservation of the local biodiversity.


Integrate the necessary elements related to sustainability: infrastructure, human resources, and social, economic and political interests. So the region of Sarapiquí can achieve a level 4 category as a destination and is also able to maintain such category.